24 July 2018

Energy Update ~ Aluna Ash ~ 23 July 2018

Please listen here.

Some highlights:

  • 26 July is when we enter Timelessness (interesting that this is the day after "Day Out of Time")
  • Anchoring new Grid after Full Moon on 27th
  • Our collective perception of Time has been manipulated to create and sustain the artificial grid structure
  • Collective shift in Consciousness will occur
  • We are starting to link up with our Oversoul groups
  • We are evolving beyond linear time and merging with higher realms
  • Moon is physically "leaving, Aluna sees two Suns and alignment with Galactic Centre ~ these are related to The Event
  • We are receiving three pulses of energy from the Galactic Centre, pre-The Event
  • Karmic cycles are being removed because what has happened have been result of mind control and manipulation.

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