26 July 2018

Energy Update. Dimensional Shift. Anchoring New Earth Grid ~ Aluna Ash ~ 25 July 2018

Aluna Ash reports on several positive developments in the coming days ~ a dimension shift. Let us hold the visions and focus on them manifesting. Please listen here.

Some highlights of this update:
  • Mixed bag of emotions for many over next four days, then stepping into state of knowing
  • Self-observation is key to get through these challenging energies
  • Divine Masculine shift in consciousness occurring ~ going within, reflection, connecting with Divine Feminine, balancing out to reach zero-point
  • Many will experience huge shift in Consciousness, biggest energetic shift individually and collectively, especially for those who are meant to go through this shift first ~ upgrades and integration with Higher Self
  • Activation of higher gifts, no longer going to be in 3D Matrix and linear time
  • Try to stay excited, even in the midst of the intense energies
  • "You are done with that programming"
  • Clearing and activation of DNA and integrating Galactic Human
  • We've gone through what we had to go through in order to reach the level of Self-Mastery
  • We're clearing the ties and bondage to lower existences and reincarnation system
  • Experiencing the embodiment of Christ Consciousness, of being multidimensional, of our True Self
  • Powerful time for anyone who has been feeling blocked or unable to move forward, also those who have been unable to find their Soul Group
  • Physical symptoms will still show up from time to time
  • There will be a reset in our lives, we need to let go of anything that wasn't meant to be in our lives, allow Divine energies to flow through and Divine Order to take place
  • Synchronicities showing up and we'll be receiving information from Higher Self
  • Twin Flame journey is an inner journey, embodying Higher Self and fully integrate True Self and in the process we merge with our Twin Flame at 5D, living from Heart Chakra
  • This is a complete Grid System Reset and Dimensional Shift
  • This is a pre-Event for those with Heart Chakra activations ~ the first responders of the Shift, because we have chosen to do so
  • Control grid is collapsing, we are creating the new system for Humanity in 5D, Service To Others
  • Collective will then start their awakening, will get crazy
  • Manifestation will be easy, through Heart Chakra
  • Aluna was shown the collapse of old system, then the integration of the new system. followed by linking up to the new system ~ it will be a new way of living, almost like a new life without all the negative stuff from the old system
  • Living new life from 5D vibration templates, the 144 frequency
  • Releasing from 3D , this is happening energetically both on conscious and unconscious levels
  • We've been creating this new vibration within us, integrating these new frequencies
  • With so many who will shift in consciousness, an imbalance will be created that will trigger the further collapse of old structures, and nothing can withstand this imbalance
  • This is the reason for our difficult relationships ~ because of the energetic imbalance (omigoddess this made a thousand lightbulbs go off at the same time in my head....so simple yet profound, thank you Aluna Ash!)
  • "Twin Flames, get ready.

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