30 July 2018

Energy Wave on the Way ~ Aluna Ash ~ 29 July 2018

We have a high photonic wave on its way. Many of you will experience this beginning 7/30.
You will hear/feel this frequency increase within the ears a few days prior. It will increase the day of this photonic wave.
This is directly connected to Sirius B.
What I'm being shown looks like a blue-purple light that turns white/clear.
This transmission will be shifting consciousness of many.
This is the first pulse of a series.

Here is the video link.

This is information relating to a certain event with a given date, so as with everything else I post here, please go with your Higher Guidance....which by now should ideally be our constant navigator anyway :)

The ringing in the ears....it has become the loudest and most high-pitched (several tones) since I first started hearing them in 2012. The volume and frequency picked up markedly just before the Partial Solar Eclipse on 12/13 July. I have a feeling that this will only continue to become more intense until at least the next Solar Eclipse on 11 August.

This is Aluna's description for the video message:
This is the 1st of 3 pusles.
7/30-7/31= 1st pulse

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