31 July 2018

Flight MH370 report: 'unlawful interference by third party' not ruled out ~ The Guardian ~ 30 July 2018

This is the news story that refuses to die, no matter how they try to bury it, or deflect attention away from it. It is, in my view, one of the most suitable mediums for Disclosure, without depending on any single Cabal source or leader.

Source: The Guardian (includes short video)

Four-year search for the missing Malaysian Airlines flight was called off earlier this year

Flight MH370 report: ‘unlawful interference by third party not ruled out’

Families’ hopes dashed as report fails to provide concrete conclusions for why plane disappeared in March 2014

A safety report into the disappearance of flight MH370 has concluded that the plane was manually turned around in mid-air, rather than being under the control of autopilot, and that “unlawful interference by a third party” could not be ruled out.

However, it dismissed theories that had suggested the pilot and first officer brought the plane down in a suicide mission, and also ruled out mechanical failure as a cause.

The long-awaited report – which was initially described as the “final report”, although investigators then backtracked from that description – left the hopes of the families dashed after it failed to provide any concrete conclusions about the reasons the plane disappeared nor any indication where the wreckage might be.

Speaking at a press conference in Putrajaya, Malaysia, Dr Kok Soo Chon, the investigator in charge of the MH370 safety investigation, did not assign blame for the incident but laid out several protocols that were broken by the air traffic control in Malaysia and Vietnam that ensured the plane went missing for 20 minutes before anyone was alerted.

It also concluded that all four of MH370’s emergency locator transmitters (ELT), malfunctioned, meaning they did not give off the normal distress signals that would help locate the plane. The report noted that “there have been reported difficulties with ELT signals if an aircraft enters the water” but could not give conclusive reasons for the failure.

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