14 July 2018

Higher Heart: Ongoing Activations ~ Aluna Joy Yaxk'in ~ 13 July 2018

Source: Aluna Joy Yaxk'in

The battle between the higher heart and our primal instincts is in its final phase. P.S. We already know the heart wins!

Our Higher heart (just below the throat chakra) and our solar plexus have been getting hit this entire year with self leveling, eye opening, ego destroying energy. And once again, the volume is turning up on this eclipse. We have been bouncing back-and-forth between trusting the God within (love) and going into a total panic with our survival issues (fear).

Our bodies survival mechanism (the solar plexus) is kicking into high gear as it moves into new energetic territory. Because of this, our physical bodies are tightening up in resistance to the energy. It is very normal for our bodies to react in this way to new energies and new situations. Our physical body loves us and is hard wired for survival to protect us from harm. It is primal and was necessary for a very long time. But the new incoming energy and higher vibrations are threatening the status quo of our bodies’ basic survival needs.

Our higher heart is also getting activated simultaneously with our primal self. Our heart is opening even further than before, and it is needing a lot more room to stretch. This is also causing the body to react. Our bodies almost feel like they have lost control of their human space suit. But the heart does not understand the restrictions of the human space suit. The higher heart understands a world with no limitations and no boundaries, and it is ready to fly. So our primal body is sending signals to shut this problem down. Our primal self does not understand living in a place of total trust in universal God presence. This is a battle our human space suit is going to lose. The body will lose control of maintaining its survival, and with it goes all the primal fears. The Spirit that inhabits these space suits will be set free. This has been a missing link to our ability to manifest anything that we can imagine and completely heal. The new programming is now being uploaded.

This new phase of our ascension is helping us leave our old ways behind. We have been losing trust in our old ways anyway for many months, even years. We have doubted and questioned almost everything on deeper levels than we ever have. And some of this will continue for a while. BUT, we are like the dog who just found out that the fence gate is open. We are literally bolting out of the cage created by the old world, that is based in fear, and are running as fast as we can into the unlimited world based in love.

For a while this is going to cause some conflict between our needs to be practical and need to totally fly with our hearts wide open. In the end, I have been told that there will be a self leveling phase that brings balance between the two. But the balance will always tip toward love instead of the other way around. We will see more evidence of this in the world around as time passes. There are clues already out there if you have your eyes open.

At this time, it is apparent in these days that it will be a necessity to go above and beyond the usual and physical (human space suit) support.

This physical tightening up is creating a lot of digestive issues, especially in sensitive ones that are particularly vulnerable to stress. Some of these symptoms have been around for years, like a sleeping giant, but now they are rearing their ugly heads like an angry dragon. Yep, heartburn and trouble with digestion seems to be added to the already long list of symptoms that we have been experiencing over the last few years.

Sending you all LOVE .

((( Things we are seeing that are helping ... Be kind to yourself. Slow down if you can. Get more rest. Aloe Vera juice works wonders on the digestive upsets. Body work is a must to keep the body from freezing up )))

((( Friday the 13th ;) PARTIAL SOLAR ECLIPSE - Eclipse only visible in very southern Australia and Antarctica. Greatest eclipse at 3:01 GMT.)))

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