14 July 2018

Humanity is Being Prepared ~ Aluna Joy Yaxk'in ~ 14 July 2018

Source: Aluna Joy Yaxk'in

This site gave us private, peaceful space today. It was, and still is, anchored by star walkers, Nordic-like beings from many ages past (Look up Nordic angels / extraterrestrials). We learned more about this powerful dimensional portal that is linked to a polar star “Deneb” as an exit point.

Today we learned that the dimensional portals have changed, and they are now being used to rebirth humanity into a new world instead of being used as evacuation portals. We learned about entering a pure void of great potential which is the base energy for our new world.

How this shift happens... In a flash, we will exit out through our crown chakra and return almost in an instant with big upgrades and having been nicely cleared. It will feel very much like the instant that we are about to fall asleep ... you know ... that wobble or whoosh we feel as we try to stay awake. This will come in a series of wobbles over some time. We might have some sea sickness and headaches as we do this work. We do offer an essence from this sacred site on our website if you are called to this process.

Again... all the sites, that we have visited this year, have greatly changed and been amplified since our trip two years ago. Our group wants to honor the call to be gentle on our bodies and slow down, but the commitment to our pilgrimage overrides this personal need for at least the next few days until we finish our work. The world is gearing up for something big. We intend that this work will be manifested with ease and balance, as we birth into a new void space from which to create our divinity.

Humanity is being prepared ... pay attention. AA Michael 🌟

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