15 July 2018

Laura Eisenhower Update ~ 14 July 2018

Source: Laura Eisenhower

The only thing that wants to remain in our lives or that wants to come into our lives, are things that support our healing process. Our bodies, hearts and minds more than likely cannot accept any less.

Purging, expressing wounds or dissatisfactions are on the rise, what remains is only what resonates with our empowered self who is moving forward into higher Earth energies. Those who aren’t onboard will either soon be cause there is no other way, or they will get manipulated further away from themselves and rely on technologies that could further immerse them in control systems. They keep unrolling new versions of AI - to set the trap.

Listen to your bodies and respect your emotions, even if they aren’t always rational, set them free without blame or judgment — The intention of healing is more greatly available when we open our hearts to it, rather than resent that we need it or condemn others cause they may be a part of the injury.

Allow transformation to come and either create stronger bonds and agreements with those who want that too, or let the people go who want to inhibit or block this organic process, because they like to feed on the fear or anxiety they induce in others.

Let us all try not to give up too easily on anyone either, unless you truly see no other way! If love is real it should be obvious despite the glitches, try not to be afraid of intimacy — if love is false — Love yourself enough to move on; if Love with certain others isn’t attainable in the physical, avoid buying into the separation and allow the Spiritual bond to endure — like we would with family members or old friends who live far away, or who have passed away and even our greater Cosmic families.

There are some very positive technologies that support our greater good, but many that aren’t are still something to contend with!

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