09 July 2018

Laura Eisenhower Update 2 ~ 8 July 2018

Source: Laura Eisenhower

Our Soul Architecture holds all Archetypes, higher and lower aspects - we inherited it.

We need to reconcile their relationship with each other from within ourselves and quit picking and choosing. Bring harmony and redemption to them from within, do the inner Alchemy, let love and wisdom rule and that should help and when we do this, the vibration we generate out into the Earth, can heal Galactic Wars, Earth degradation, separation and fragmentation — it also dissolves duality and removes control and helps expose all malevolent forces that don’t have our best interests at heart.

When we externalize, we stay locked in battle, we worship things, choose sides and we are also waiting on something outside of us. We are the ones to Win all Wars from within. Isn’t this what being Sovereign is all about??

Everyone’s true nature will be revealed, bifurcation time.

I am so happy the veils are finally lifting and as awful as it is to witness some people’s disposition, it validates some suspicions and becomes very liberating to know to move on.

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