05 July 2018

Laura Eisenhower Update ~ 4 July 2018

Source: Laura Eisenhower

If you are having a hard time, see at as a good sign, not a bad sign.

Ascension is not flowers and Unicorns, but it will take us there ~ to pretty fields of Mystical energies, and Middle Earth Elementals will return.

Yes, the Fairy Kingdoms will come out of hiding and much much more and Merkaba activate. (you may already see glimpses or associate with it more than anything else). But I am talking about the process of Ascension ~ it is grueling, intense, it creates purging, clearing, self-honesty, boldness, courage, feeling fear at times, feeling vulnerable, getting disturbed, shocked and undone ~

This is a path of Mastery and we are mastering some hard core stuff!! (well little stuff, like a planet infiltrated by an aggressive Reptilian agenda who control the power structures and systems we are raised on... oh and things like the social engineering distortions -- screwing with M/F relations and Earth grids, trying to separate us from our relationship with Zero point and our own Spiritual abilities -- yeah, ya know, that kind of shnizzz).

No biggy really.

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