09 July 2018

Laura Eisenhower Update ~ 8 July 2018

Whether this is accurate or not, Laura Eisenhower's assertion about Sophia is something with which I agree. I have never been able to resonate with the version where she created the demiurge responsible for the lower world. Although, if I'm not mistaken, Steiner wrote that Lucifer killed Isis ~ an aspect of Sophia ~ rather than Sophia herself.

I won't be at all surprised if Laura wrote this partly as a result of the alleged (at the moment, until confirmed) letter from David Wilcock.

Source: Laura Eisenhower

Patriarchy, which was engineered by the control Agendas, that are both Luciferians (Sons of Belial) and Satanic (Draconian Black Suns), played a part in distorting Ancient texts, so that we would lose our connection with Sophia.

They blame Sophia in Gnostic texts (distorted ones) and state that through her passion she fell from the Pleroma and created this lower World. Correction - it’s more like, Lucifer became fallen, was once the light bearer, but it turned to false light when he left the Mother/Father and devised a way to use her Womb energy, to create Archons and a control Matrix.

The Anti-Christ agenda came about too and Galactic wars ensued, that led to the explosion of Tiamat who was a Sophianic embodiment, a part of the Mother - who held the balance of Sacred Union with Apsu (Christ-Sophia template).

She was struck by Marduk and exploded into bits, becoming the 5-D Asteroid belt. Higher Earth advanced Humans existed on Tara where Tiamat was a sister planet to, and they were slowly being hybridized and manipulated away from the Mother, Guardian Founder races, true Source/Zero point and it all collapsed due to the imbalance that began to take hold and Tara and Tiamat exploded and fell.

The explosion ripped us from the galactic core of Andromeda and we fell into this lower harmonic Universe, separated from the 7 Higher Heavens and so we have been locked into the lower 7 Chakras from that point on, unable to access the higher realms. A portion of Sophia got yanked into it all and Rudolf Steiner even says it was Lucifer who killed the Sophia.

Part of the Mother Morphed into the planet with a 13D core and her other part, as her planetary aspect Tiamat fragmented — it became collected and used by Satanists and that portion of her was known as the Achamoth — Baphomet was formed from this and then was worshipped as a control mechanism and dark Mother reversals were created to digress the human race and enslave them. (Anunnaki play a huge part in this, not all are bad though)

She came into this Earth, inner Sun, and exited the Earth Core around the Sumerian-Egyptian invasion, which was also when we got unplugged in our DNA and lost all of our Galactic memories, those that came before this Earth. Illuminati now being used and 13 families hijacks 13th gate of the Mother.

They kept the separation going through placing dark technologies in the Earth grids, impairing the circulation of Gaia and they took control of the Stargates. They unplugged the M/F parts of the ley lines, which impacted our capacity to repair DNA — the M/F synthesis in our DNA and so we lost Sacred Union which is held in this template in the higher strands. We lost the Aether too.

Earth grids and Stargates are a part of our DNA and energy body. Our DNA digresses without Aether, cause DNA nucleic acids are connected with the elements.

Well there is more to the story and my book should be done soon. I will not stand for Luciferianism or Satanism, so feel free to defriend me if you don’t like it.

Lucifer is part of the greater Alchemy connected to Venus though, which is redeemed by the Goddess journey, which is marked in the Cosmos by the Venus transits, which correct the reversals, by forming a pentagram to point back to Aether, which brings back Christ-Sophia template on Earth and within, which redeems Lucifer, bringing him back to his original light.

Satanism is just vampiric, but there is always more on that.

(Take what resonates and leave the rest with all of this)
They are separate but somewhat aligned. If Lucifer isn’t involved anymore, the Luciferians need redemption, but sick to death of getting to know that distortions are promoted by fellow colleagues and I don’t care if I am hated by them for speaking up! I’ve come too far over the course of thousands of years to have a shred of tolerance towards imbalance or male domination.

The 13 Monadic Core Mother Arc is back and is integrating with the damaged portions and fragments of her other aspects. Maiden, Mother, Crone - Underworld journey taken, to collect all pieces and rise again and this is happening through all awakened beings now as we speak. She connects us back to Zero point and the merging of the Milky Way and Andromedan Galactic core. Both men and women, activating the dormant DNA diamond Sun body.

(written from phone in car)
(Many Luciferians are coming out of the woodworks who will try and convince you Lucifer is so great — this is dedicated to you!).

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