29 July 2018

Laura Eisenhower Updates ~ 28 July 2018

Source: Laura Eisenhower

They try and dumb down humanity, so we are not smart enough to bust their crimes, or we are in such a trance, we end up being the product of their programmings -- so they can continue with their plans ~

Which in turn keeps us from our highest potential... So just grab your highest potential and get on its back and ride it into the sunset and then look behind you and see the ruins of it all, as it gets further and further from your site.

As you rise, it naturally falls.

They have plans (controllers and criminal Elite), well we have plans too and we don't steal life force or use technology to get there (unless is it is harmony with Soul and Nature)

We have Earth, Cosmos and Spirit and cause it is where we all originate from, it has the higher power and the upper hand in this -- it is up to us to stay in alignment with it.

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