23 July 2018

Lighthouses ~ Tim Whild ~ 22 July 2018

Kryon via Lee Carroll compared Lightworkers to lighthouses, too. I believe that many are actually feeling like it is so, especially since this year unfolded.

Source: Tim Whild

Pictures of lighthouses keep jumping out at me at the moment. Over the next month we will be called upon to shine our light brightly so that others can see this and allow it to steer them away from the rocks.

Lighthouses stand alone in stormy and dangerous places on coastlines throughout the world and have been used for centuries to guide ships carrying precious souls to their destinations.

You might feel like a Lighthouse at the moment. Incredible planetary setups, impending lunar eclipses and the all-powerful Lions Gate are ensuring that we are being kept on our toes with plenty of our own stuff to internal/externalise as well as doing our job of ascending the planet.

Whatever you are doing, keep doing it as you are doing a fantastic job. No mission is 'too big' or 'too small' as we all form part of an intricate and incredibly powerful network of light that extends around our entire planet and out in to the reaches of the Cosmos.
Take time to breathe, give yourself positive feedback at all times and consciously shine your light whether it is asked of you or not.

Our entire planet is about to take another big step forward into the Golden Age and we are in the driving seat.

Massive love to you all 🧡

Photo credits to the amazing www.martindolan.co.uk

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