21 July 2018

Lyran Lightship: Blessing and Activation ~ Sandra Walter ~ 20 July 2018

This message from Sandra Walter is in two parts.

Blessings Beloveds ~

The second eclipse - and most powerful of this season - happens this week!
Energies have been increasing in intensity as we approach the realignment point. The Lyran Lightship sound journey has provided comfort and activation for this passage; see the download links below.

A few notable messages for clarity:

Eclipse Season: Ending one phase, beginning a brand new one
Eclipses tend to punctuate endings and beginnings, and during this phase they serve as a massive stargate for dismantling and releasing distorted realities while simultaneously experiencing resurrection on both planetary and personal levels.
Our SUN (Solaris) and the Solar System are moving into alignment with cosmic stargates which contain transformative harmonics, codes and frequencies.
From the Steering Committee point of view, it appears we will drop into a significant bandwidth of these cosmic stargate flows around the July 27 eclipse. It looks like a cosmic adjustment to align with higher dimensional platforms and ORGANIC Ascension timeline restoration.
This is why we have been anchoring 5D-9D. It is a restoration to a Divine path of Gaia’s organic Christed timelines. This is why the High-Vibe Tribe is having such strong experiences of merging with the Godhead since the higher trajectory was attained. It places us in the path of much purer cosmic flows. Open hearts will feel it; best to stay very present with this as the eclipses unfold.
The July 26-28 Gateway has been on our radar since the beginning of the year, like a massive wall of light that we move into.
This may be a visible/palpable change in SUNlight (again), however the emphasis is on consciousness itself. We are already feeling the entry into this area with much more intense energies. More details in last week's article HERE.
This is a cosmic-level realignment: Choose your timelines wisely over the next week.
Unify with the Global Light Tribe
SUNday July  22, 29 Global Unity Meditations at 8:11am, 11:11am & 5:11pm PDT.
Tuesday, July 24 – Monday July 30 Lunar Eclipse Gateway Passage, Cosmic Realignment
Friday, July 27 Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse at 1:21pm PDT
Blessings upon all of creation, and gratitude for our unified Service to the Ascension.
In Love, Light and Service, Sandra
Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

The Lyrans are Feline BEings from the Vega star system, where the original experiments for creating a Divine HUman DNA template began. They have been a consistent part of my journey, and were the first to show me  interdimensional stargates. Sometimes they are referred to as white lion BEings, since they have white hair and have a very regal lion-like appearance.

Two pairs of Lyrans presented while doing Gatework on Mount Shasta; two female and two male. They offered a blessing and Divine HUman DNA activation for this transformational passage. After I recorded this, I heard choirs of them singing these tones and words when I went to bed – all night long. My cells quivered with the harmonics, and I felt a deep sense of peace, unity and unconditional love.

They asked to begin with Lightship tones; the sounds we hear when the ships and BEings are near. They work closely with the Sirians, and I feel the language reflects that influence. Light language is not translatable word-by word. In my experience it is tones, sensations or geometry interpreted by the conduit to convey messages, activations, or intentions. ET contacts speak telepathically, and yet this language has flowed through us for decades. It seems to be shifting, taking on a new level with the presence of Source codes. These harmonics are a crystalline bridge of their own kind.

This message contains codes of balance for this powerful phase, embodiment and DNA restoration. The Lyrans remind us to practice toning and harmonics, in order to remember how to alter form with our pure intent and voices. The skill of moving, building, creating reality through sound is returning to us.

Hopefully this transmission captures the harmony which many of us have with this kind of contact. This sound journey is light-encoded to assist your Ascension process.

Please continue over at Creative Evolution to access the mp3 or yt video.


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