01 July 2018

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: July 2018 Time Cross - Farsight ~ 29 June 2018

MH 370 is one of the topics that I try to follow as closely as I can, concentrating on the non-mainstream angle. There are a number of sources that I've posted here on my blog over the years, and here's another one, from a remote-viewing perspective.

Those who have some idea about what I've presented here about MH 370 may remember that I go with the "version" of the flight being attacked by a super high-tech secret energy weapon, and that the crew and passengers slipped into a different dimension. In the mainstream news, there is ample "evidence" of radar readings showing a plane seemingly straying off course for the Diego Garcia base, whereupon it promptly "vanished". Of course, there is also sufficient coverage about debris being recovered from the ocean that have been "confirmed" to be from MH 370.

I will come back to this point later on in this write-up, but first, I'd like to offer my views of this remote viewing session.

I will only focus on the MH 370 section of the video, which starts around the 25-minute mark. The two remote viewers brought out specific "hits" about the incident, and I feel they did a great job. I will offer my own comments below, and also say something about how the project itself has been skewed, in my opinion.

I usually ask readers to skip my comments if they're not interested and just go straight to the message or video. This time, however, I ask that if you watch the video, please also scan through my comments because I feel very strongly that what I have to say is important. 

Here is the link to the remote viewing sessions.

Before I launch into my own comments, I'd like to first state that I will never forget the publicity stunt that Courtney Brown pulled in 2014 with countdown teaser "trailers" that eventually led to nothing very ground-breaking. I had even said that I'd probably not post anything from him again, but obviously I've changed my mind with this remote viewing session. Bearing that in mind, do expect a critical analysis of Courtney's intention for this project from me later on.

Fast forward to the 25:30-minute mark.

PrinCess Jeanee, the first remote viewer, accurately described many details about the target ~ the plane, ocean, the flight, the disturbed state of mind of the pilot (I'm assuming because the plane was attacked, or even the pilot realising some danger was imminent), the subject's "non-casual" clothing, control panel, "life in danger", mini explosion in the distance, tampering, "small squares" (chips?), pilot groggy and passengers "seemed drugged and groggy", "unnatural", "something is not right".

Melena Hall, the other remote viewer, also called up several points that paint an adequate picture of a plane in flight and facing imminent danger. Some of her visuals ~ subject wearing a uniform with jacket (and she even draws the pips on the shoulders), (Melena describes subject's hair, but the pilot is fairly hairless), plane, glass front metallic and round in the front, control panel, passengers, main subject is pilot/captain, "bad vibrations", normal speed 20 minutes before subject time ~ people are comfortable, subject feeling very calm, structure is shaking 20 minutes after subject time ~ main subject feeling worried now and isn't feeling well, feeling dozy, 40 minutes after ~ subject not awake, can't tell if still alive or dead, final moment ~ subject and passengers are asleep, now the structure is moving extremely fast, very terrifying, plane crashed but unable to see the crash mark, fast kinetic energy.

In the summary, Courtney Brown spares no doubt that the pilot was responsible for bringing the plane down, and even neatly packages the descriptions into a ploy where the pilot turned off the oxygen supply which explains the passengers falling asleep. Courtney even goes as far as saying the pilot had his own oxygen supply to keep himself awake long enough to bring down the plane.

To me, this is a terrible claim to make in the absence of concrete evidence. This blatantly implies that the pilot is responsible for the deaths of so many innocents, which is something you don't do unless you have irrefutable proof. I won't say more about Courtney's analysis.

I will, however, make some glaring points based on the remote viewing sessions.

PrinCess Jeanee mentioned a "mini explosion in the distance". Why has this point not been considered? This is important because it means that something external of the plane occurred, a small explosion. This would tie in with the notion that the plane was attacked by an energy weapon, and that it hit the target. (This is something that was confirmed by some sources ~ please check out the various posts I have on the blog about MH 370 ~ who said that the plane was hit.)

The pilot has been described as feeling confused, worried, unwell ~ whereas previously he was "very calm". Something unexpected and horrible ("terrifying", as Melena puts it) must have happened to change the pilot's mood from "very calm" to "feeling worried and unwell" in just 20 minutes. If one was out to commit pre-meditated suicide and mass murder, one would not go from feeling very calm to worried, confused and unwell in 20 minutes.

The subject matter appears to be the pilot himself, and not the flight in particular. I feel that this is pin-pointing the remote viewing onto one person, and therefore the state of mind this person was in, and ties the whole issue of MH 370 to the pilot. Why? Why is the subject matter just the pilot? Why not the flight itself? To me, this is prejudiced from the start. The objective is obvious ~ to hinge the entire flight upon the pilot.

I will make one last point here. It has been claimed by several sources in mainstream as well as the alternate media that MH 370 was diverted to Diego Garcia. This was something that never quite sat right with me. I had watched a couple of videos of radar readings that showed MH 370 taking evasive manoeuvres and then disappearing off the radar. I also remember watching a video where someone showed a second plane flying close to MH 370.

As for the radar showing that the plane headed to Diego Garcia, here's a possible explanation ~ it's one that sits quite well with me. Basically, I remember hearing (from somewhere) that radar readings were tracking the second plane, which was used as an intermediary attack position, that returned to the base after it carried out its mission. This second plane is what the radar showed going back to the Diego Garcia, not MH 370.

For more on MH 370 on this blog, please check here.

Okay, getting off my soapbox now :)  And as always, these are just my opinions.

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