30 July 2018

Marco Lopor Energy Update ~ 29 July 2018

Source: Marco Lopor

Crown Chakra and third eye keep their strong activity on high levels of connectivity, increasing in movements that you can feel through nose, ears and right side of the brain.

You can literally feel electric impulses, most probably caused by the microcrystals available in the brain, reactivated by the kundalini energy flow, sending frequently etheric signals.

Sometimes can happen that the overflow of energy goes on the tongue under form of small electric feelings, especially if you touch your tongue with your teeth.

The rest of the body is now operating only in perfect bliss, but with really strong sensitivity to low frequency energy fields, crowds and darkness in general.

After the period of waking up every 3 or 4 hours due to the strong energy flow, now this aspect is stabilizing into more relaxed sleep patterns, 6 or 7 hours consecutively are possible again.

The sensations in the body are really orgasmic with incredible pleasure, especially in meditation under the Sun you become One with everything around you and can feel the Light in every cell.

At the end of the day feel gratitude and the urge to be in "Service to Others".

Keep shining beautiful Starseeds!

In Love we Rise, in Unity we find our Light!

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