29 July 2018

Masters of the Earth ~ Diana Cooper & Tim Whild ~ 28 july 2018

Source: Diana Cooper

All seekers on the spiritual pathway have access to the same level of information. However each soul pathway is completely unique. The soul star chakra provides exactly what a master needs when they need it. It will never bring forwards information or memories that are not relevant or applicable at that time.

As you work directly with an expanded soul star, incredible doorways open. When you look directly into the soul star chakra you see lines of pure light moving through time and space. These lead via golden doors to memories of high-frequency lifetimes.

These illuminated doorways are the etheric stores of knowledge connected to the monadic presence, Hollow Earth, the Halls of Amenti and the Akashic Records.

All these divine records are accessible, depending on your vibrational frequency. The more brightly you shine, the further your soul can travel to retrieve what you need. When you reach this level, Archangels Zadkiel and Mariel take a step back to allow you to stand in your own power. Many on the ascension path are now experiencing a withdrawal of spiritual assistance because of the clear light that they hold. The higher realms are observing us rather than leading us by the hand. Guidance is always available, but it is the masters of Earth who are really anchoring the light of the Aquarian Age.

Taken from the The Archangel guide To Enlightenment and Mastery by Diana Cooper and Tim Whild

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