13 July 2018

New Moon in Cancer and Partial Solar Eclipse ~ Celia Fenn ~ 13 July 2018

Image by Alisha Lee Jeffers
Source: Celia Fenn

Bathing in the radiance of new Solar Light Codes that are activating the deep radiance of the Divine Feminine.

The energy of Cancer is that of the Divine Feminine and her presence on the Earth. At this time, she is allowing herself to manifest a new way of being that is focussed on creating a new and loving home on New Earth.

As we prepare for the series of major shifts that occur in July and August at the time of the Planetary New Year and the Lions Gate, under the auspices of Sirius, Alpha Leonis and the Royal Lions, we can feel the "ignition sequence" of these powerful Solar Light Codes.
At the same time, the Diamond Water codes are activating extra sparkle and radiance on the Planet and within our bodies.

Now is indeed the time to bless our Earth with our radiant presence and the manifestation of our dreams!

Have a wonderful day!

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