30 July 2018


Just a quick sharing ~ this is my own opinion and experience.

Lisa Transcendence Brown wrote (here) that we had a two-day calm before the energetic pressure built up again. There was certainly a welcomed respite after the massive build-up leading to the Lunar Eclipse on the 28th, and the energies started intensifying again on Sunday. This next cycle feels even more powerful than the previous.
  • Diet is impacted yet again, with the body becoming even more particular about what it needs. 
  • Marco Lopor mentioned "electric impulses" in his update (here), and this has been keenly felt in the days leading to the 28 July Lunar Eclipse
  • Feeling headachey ~ thankfully just a dull pain, and nowhere near migraine-degree.
  • Needing Pink Himalayan Salt (or alternate) for the sodium, minerals and electrolytes
  • And Synchronicities as well as the 144 permutations that Aluna Ash said would "go off the charts" ~ they certainly are showing up!
  • Thymus Thumping settled down a bit after peaking during the 28th. 
  • Drowsiness.
I had posted some 144 numerical Synchronicities just a few days ago, and since then there were more:

Deeeeeep breath in, deeeeep exhale ~ into this next cycle we go!

Namaste and Blessings!
PS....Just as I finished this, the Thymus Thumping picked up again!

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