19 July 2018

Our Mission ~ Marco Lopor ~ 18 July 2018

Source: Marco Lopor

On an individual level, as Bringers of the New Dawn, we are already living in a dimension where only joy can exist. The problem is to keep active this dimension while everything around is 3D drama.

We have to keep open this new dimension in order to let people jump in later, when they will be ready to clean their Energy Fields and the emotional bodies so to embrace the new paradigm.

This is part of the assignment and you were trained to build this bridge.

You are a shield against drama, a powerful anti-darkness bearer of Light.

Remember how to master the space within and you will master the outcome.

When everything around turns to be obscure you are there to carry your polarity of Service to Others and Unconditional Love.

Keep shining beautiful and wonderful rainbow souls, this is your mission !

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