01 July 2018

Our Photonic Light Bodies Continue to Evolve ~ Lisa Transcendence Brown ~ 30 June 2018

Source: Awakening to Remembering

Our Photonic Light Bodies Continue to Evolve... and our Quantum Multi-Dimensional Realities are Constantly Restructuring; July Focuses on Inner-Connected Courage & Holding Your Dreams as REAL, while Birthing Your NEW from DEEP Within and Realizing How

The Only TIME you will not be happy and free, is when you have an unconscious Matrix Program to clear fully from within... Every "Real"ity you experience has a Matrix to it and it's held within the/your/our physical bodies. The entire Old Earth Matrix program is held within each's Cosmic Akash, which correlates to Gaia's & Our Universe/Galactic Cosmic Akash). In order to transcend the entire Matrix Program of Old Earth, each must fully clear all "levels" of (your) Akashic Records, that make up the different "levels" of the Matrix (Programs, Systems, Structures) and how all is housed in your physical body form, linking up to the Dimensions of Earth that you occupy physically, as well as vibrate in and out of on a cellular level.

Photonic Light Existences change how we see, perceive, understand and experience "Real"ity here... where all becomes Quantum.

Our Earth(ly) Experience is now fully Photonic Light Based, where density is MUCH different than before. This has been true, yet continually substantially increases/accelerates as we go. Photonic Light changes the actual properties of your physical make-up, as it works differently than carbon-based realities did before. As your bodies evolve in Light, your Light Quotient (Consciousness) dictates all. This goes beyond anything once understood on any human level, because human aspects can't "see" photons, can't "read" photons, can't maneuver photons and can't function on a photonic level, because their actual physical body functions on a linear platform still.

Full integration is necessary for Evolving as LIGHT, as well as re-learning everything, on a Quantum Level. A whole new existence that is Quantum, where linearity is minimal and only applicable in certain circumstances, like adhering to the "perception of time", which becomes vibrational too, or correlating how all is relates to the physical reality, in order to INFLUENCE, dictate, master, change the physical through the application of Quantum Physics, as a whole new existence emerges for each, from within. ​ 

As we continue to "move" higher and higher vibrationally, in/through a myriad of continually oscillating Cosmic Light Frequencies, SOULar activity, Ultra-sonic frequencies, Atomic Code and molecular structure re-writing frequencies, High Frequency Waves and Photonic SOULar winds and other magnetic field re-coding and re-calibrating frequencies... how we navigate life and every moment changes...

As all are "moved" from an "external focus" to an inner-focused reality to then shift to an "observable reality" that correlates to your inner reality and what you transmit out, all reality changes.... and shifts to a multi-dimensional one. The external is no longer the focus, as Mastering the Physical is through each's ABILITIES to tune-in completely to the vibration, energy and "movement" of all. On NEW Earth, the entire physical reality is RELATIVE to how each "moves" energy, stores energy, builds energy, spends energy, focuses energy, shares energy, utilizes energy, respects energy, communicates energy, directs energy... all from an inner reality that INFLUENCES AND AFFECTS the physical through FULL consciousness.....

Human aspects don't understand ENERGY, on the Quantum Level, because it challenges their entire belief system and requires that the brain and body be completely re-wired, on a bio-electrical level, which links up to their own ENERGY FIELD, which is influenced/affected as each ALLOWS.

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