15 July 2018

Part 23 -PLEIADIAN ALAJE -Guided Meditation Healing Diseases-Mount Olympus Dion Greece-Engl Sub ~ 3 July 2018

Apologies, I took such a long time to get to this, I should have posted it first but kept forgetting. If you haven't yet seen this, I think it's worthwhile to go through it. Like the other Alaje videos that I've seen (not all of them, but a number), this one is like a semi-meditation and very pleasant to follow.

Please view the video here.

There is one thing I have to bring up, because I believe it's important and helps to paint a bigger picture, and I'm a huge of BIG PICTURES. This has to do with Zeus and his related entourage that Alaje features in this video.

In an episode with Regina Meredith, Marguerite Rigoglioso had stated that her research led her to confirm that the Greek gods, specifically Zeus, were Reptilians. I agree with her conclusion, based on the questionable behaviour reported in "myths". However, there is also the sense that these Beings were benevolent, intent on helping Humanity - again based on the same "myths".

This may seem like a contradiction. Actually, it's not.

Some readers may remember that in an Ibrahim Hassan and Blue Solara webinar (I would dearly love to hear from them again), Ibrahim clarified that there are fake Greek "gods", courtesy of the Anunnaki. I feel this is entirely possible, and would explain the paradoxical situation surrounding the Greek gods and goddesses.

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