17 July 2018

Pele ~ Aluna Joy Yax'kin ~ 17 July 2018

The image above is from an animation of the recorded activities. Please view the short video for a better visual.

Source: Aluna Ash Yaxk'in

This is Hawaii’s earthquake activity in only the last 48 hours! We feel Pele is gearing up to release new energy very soon. We saw this coming 2 months ago. Hang on for a huge earth grid realignment!

Tummy troubles anyone?
Getting extra tired?
Feeling grumpy, etc...?

This volcano is a driver wheel (point number 9) for a major Earth ley line grid, the plumed serpent ley line, that travels around the entire Earth. What happens in Hawaii affects the entire Earth.

We are starting to feel it here, even in England. We are on the rainbow serpent ley line. Tomorrow we will be in a major node point where many ley lines cross. I expect the energy to be off the charts intense. Tonight we are very close to this area and already feeling it. It is hard to stay focussed with this much energy going on.

Keep sending your love, light, prayers, and protection. It helps more than you know. Thank you.

We are almost done here. We have made it through some significant bumps and weird energy shoves, and some of us have the bumps and bruises to prove it. We have been getting more interference than usual. We all feel this is happening because the work that we are doing is very important. But also the energy of the sacred sites are much stronger.

Our legs are getting tired, our backs are weary from the weight that we carry, but our spirits are ready and willing to finish the work. We feel there are other groups out in the world also doing this intense work. Send your energy support if you have a call to. We all need support.

Video of Hawaii’s earthquakes in the last 24 hours
In the comments...
The 2 Major ley lines on Earth.
The major ley line node point of Saint Michael’s Mount.

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