31 July 2018

Personal Gripe....

This is just a small personal gripe about Blogger and the strange things that have been happening when I post sometimes.

In the post Ashtar Channeling, I had to go back and check what I wrote in answer to a reader's query, and realised that there are parts missing. I was so sure I had typed in more than what was eventually published. It could have been a mistake I made by accidentally deleting, or whatever. But honestly, Blogger has been very uncooperative for some weeks now.

One of the things I remember I distinctly wrote about, but didn't appear (and yes, I sometimes don't check after publishing) was the plan to get massive numbers of Ascended Masters walking the Earth, teaching and guiding Humanity in their Awakening and subsequent Ascension. I remember writing that I see this "brilliant plan" (as Ashtar himself described it, and it IS brilliant!) as an Ascended Master's version of Shock & Awe. People would be jolted awake immediately and the Collective Consciousness would rocket sky-high. Activations would be happening as if Light switches were being turned on by domino-effect.

Okay, gripe session over.


  1. Thank you for the work that you put into maintaining this web site Grace. This is a site that I check into every day, with much gratitude :-)

    1. Thank you for your warm energy and support, Jon. I am so glad you find the blog beneficial in some way. Blessings :)