28 July 2018

Post-Lunar Eclipse ~ Lisa Transcendence Brown ~ 27 July 2018

Love this:
"Let's do more awesomeness, Star Family!"

Source: Lisa Transcendence Brown

For all who are unable to see anything from their outside... frequencies are soft and calm, while we go through this massive furthering of our cosmic awakening and akashic clearing process, to open up an increase in massive gateway openings as we come out "after" the eclipse/on the other side...

We had hours of very strong activations yesterday afternoon/into the evening/night that calmed as we got closer to this point here.... floods and fire ripping through those old programmed realities, while offering more beauty, more peace, more ease where a fully unified state is present within each.

The proximity of Mars shall create a powerful clearing process for impurities and distortions emanating from the root chakra area of the body (earthly bodies & Gaia's template too) and all that represents deeply repressed/suppressed unresolved mentalities and beliefs, gathering LeMUrian/Atlantean, Egyptian and Galactic and this human Existence for clearing/merging any separation still held within.

This is an important passageway through the Lion's Gate.... as various collective awakenings, clearings and shifts occur. The merging/uniting/unifying process works through each and their reality to make all visible, bring all into LIGHT, so that LOVE, RESPECT AND CARING ABOUT EACH OTHER on a whole new level, a Cosmic, Soul, Star-BEing level, means that you've REMEMBERED your connection with each other and why you are actually here.

I'll post energy updates along the way, for those who utilize these to assist with correlation regarding their own Plasma Crystalline LightBody/Physical body and physical reality too.

Embrace the excitement and freedom all brings, as each awaken more to remember and purify their own everything, in their own way, as their chosen journey, while sharing, supporting and re-empowering each, through inspiration and all of the beauty, magic and magnificence that our highest consciousness New Earth Existences offer to each one of us fully embracing, ready and going for it!

Do your cosmic happy dance and keep anchoring those immense Ligth Codes within while continuing to applying them to your own life and making a difference AS LOVE here!

Let's do more awesomeness, Star Family!

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