15 July 2018

Pre-Lion's Gate Energies ~ Celia Fenn ~ 14 July 2018

Another thing I'd like to add to Celia Fenn's experience is the sense that the people who are in your Life but are still stuck in the control system are feeling more and more distant.

Source: Celia Fenn

Wow.....talk about deep quantum shifting!

I can't believe the power of the energies as we rev up for the Lion's Gate.

I just know I am in "another space" or parallel universe or something. I keep noticing that sizes of things are different. The bench in my front garden seems so small where it used to be bigger. My bedroom roof has a different slant........ Its the same but not the same.

Its a new creation......

And...at this Lion's Gate we are going to consciously transit into a higher level knowing that the very atoms and molecules of creation are shifting and spinning into higher light.

And us with them.....

It may look the same, but don't be fooled......

We are in the New Earth and we need only open our eyes of perception to see and feel the HUGE change that is happening.

For many of us this is happening around issues of our home and our living space, and needing to be in a different space or place for the next steps in our creative journey of manifestation.

Wherever you are....walk with your Inner Lion/Lioness.

Be powerful, strong, purposeful, filled with integrity but also ready to be playful......and rest when needed.

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