04 July 2018

Rainbow Tribe of Many Coloured Rays ~ Shekina Rose ~ 3 July 2018

There's a video included in the fb link below, but you can also access the video here at yt.

Source: Shekina Rose

From the Sedona Vortex Universal City of Light the Blue Ray Divine Mother LOve freguency~**You are the Ones you have been waiting for!! You are the Code carries Blue Ray Christ bridge of Magdalene, Mother Mary Rose of the Higher Heart sensitive Essence bloodline of Avalon, Lemuria and Atlantis. 33

The Blue Ray empath transformers who are anchors of the frequency that takes time for them to find their voice as they speak a different language. Part of the Old Souls where nature is your kin, you are the wisdom of the ages, you have been the trees, fae, fairy, mermaid, dolphins ~ Your presence is the key, its the flow where you are guided intuitively of the One Infinite Creator where home frequency is anchored through YOU because you are.

The Indigos who are the “System Busters”, who speak their truth as is comes through them as their bodies template will not allow the distortions, it responds to the illusion by hyper activity to move the energies and so they will always remember the truth of their path and to speak it so.

The angelics who come from the higher dimensional of light frequencies who are spirit guides on the earth plane as healers, counselors who wish to bring peace like the Blue Rays. They communion with the angelic and fairy realms.

The rainbows who live more naturally and connected to Gaia and her rhythms bring earth medicine connection and awareness. The can walk barefoot and bring gatherings of unity.

All the rays are all beloved, and you carry parts of all the rays with many of the same qualities through out and are “Spiritual Warriors”, New forerunners trail-blazing of the Starseed consciousness of the many realms, planet and star system information frequency light for the New Earth. As each one of you carry the specific codes of Creation needed and required for the unity consciousness of oneness where your being here on Gaia, your presence of who YOU are is the shift and Miracle thank you for coming we love you!!

~Shekina Rose Angelic Blue Ray Star Seed, Language of Light Harmonic Vocalist 528 Hz LOVE, MIRACLE ancient Solfeggio frequency, Peace Emissary of the Blue Ray, Creator of the Pleiadain stargate Pendant & Devices technologies ~ Divine frequency of Home ~ Ambassador of Sedona Vortex Universal City of lights ~ Sacred SuperNatural Sedona Video series

In person Cathedral Rock vortex sessions and Star Galactic Origins Soul Star Alignments. http://www.shekinaspeaks.com/

Are You From the Blue Ray https://www.bluerayempathbeings.com/u

Language of Light transmissions videos from the vortex Rock mountains of Sedona https://www.youtube.com/user/Shekinah... Language of light Stargate Pendants ~ Pleiadians technology https://www.bluerayempathbeings.com/s

... Soul Readings,Your star origins and gifts https://sellfy.com/2710414099667825

***Shekina will be speaking and sharing the contact and new Sedona Vortex technologies and the language of light in Sedona at Sedona Close encounters group Friday night July 20th 6:45 - 9:PM by donation at the Sedona Community Center 2615 Melody Lane Sedona, Arizona 86336


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