25 July 2018

Rick Jewers Update ~ 24 July 2018

Source: Rick Jewers

The LIGHT community on the surface is rapidly expanding. Terms/labels like "walk ins" etc,will describe the current rapid Awakenings, temporarily. So many, while in Human form, are excelling forward at tremendous paces, this equates into Realities fluctuating and changing, Histories and even locations WILL BE AFFECTED AND CHANGED.

Unprecedented Times for Humanity is BEING WRITTEN.

Those that this resonates with this for NOW, MUST EMPOWER Yourselves further at this time, for the next elevated leg to come in a few weeks or so. Steady Light will be applied to You to convert into changing realities to virtuous and positive, from NOW ON FORWARD, seize the MOST of this present opportunity.

More Ancient EMPOWERING SECRETS ARE being released to the lower echelons of Souls while still in Human form, to assist in transitioning ALL Timelines. These "lower echelons" will take their places accordingly beside their presently Higher Comrades as they Ascend in consciousness, Creating the EQUALITY that is, that REALLY IS. As old paradigms are released, the NEW will quickly refurbish. There are NO prisoners, ONLY One's set free,

Upcoming ENERGY WORK AND PROJECTIONS IN A FEW WEEKS. Upgrade and maximize INDIVIDUAL PORTALS in preparation for this work. Practice applying and developing Your ENERGETIC SKILLS in MANIFESTING AND CREATING during these few weeks as well.

Love and Light

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