27 July 2018

Riding the Energy Rapids

Anxious, calm, detached, a sense of loss, bliss, queasy....I'm feeling all of these, and it seems like I'm feeling them all at the same time. The sense of loss feels like it's related to a "massive death", and I know it pertains to the "loss" of the control system. I know this is what we all have been working towards and looking forward to, but it's nevertheless a "massive death" and generating/displacing some serious energies.

I'm going to be kind to myself and spend the rest of today self-caring. I will start with this:

It's called "Ultra-Violet Angelic Fire Transmission: Dissolving Cords and Lower Energy Interference" by Steve Nobel. It somehow came to me and I feel I need to do this.

And oh, yes....the High Heart Centre is undergoing a no-nonsense activation of some sort ~ Thymus Thumping time.

May you all be well and riding out the rapids most expertly! Namaste and Blessings....

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