03 July 2018

SR Readings

A couple of graphs from Heart Math Institute, showing recent readings as well as the year-to-date chart.
There was a spike recently that overshot the 300Hz mark, but that was nothing compared to the ones that reached or breached 600Hz earlier in the year. It is intriguing that the readings from elsewhere were more muted as compared to the one I'm focussing on, GCI006 from Hluhluwe, South Africa. That seems to be the one registering the sharp spikes in reading.

There were high spikes at the start of 2018, throughout March ~ I know it was an intense and extremely challenging month for some (including me) via third parties ~ when there were potentials of The Event occurring reported by some sources, and in mid-May. Note also that there was a spike around 29 January, when the Alpha timeline collapsed following Isis Astara's death ~ and when I noticed things started to unravel for many unawakened ones as well as a sharp increase in dark interference.

These high frequency Cosmic energies will continue to beam through, in increasing intensity and potency in order to transmute what is not of Light. Sometimes even we get knocked out by them (we're supposed to have been doing much inner work) so imagine how it's affecting those who have lifetimes of miasma stored in their auric and physical bodies, especially if their Heart Centres are shut tight.

Sometimes I wish there was an easier way to go through this quantum evolution. I've mentioned this before, but I really feel like saying it again ~ in a natural setting, we should be freely getting plenty of guidance and assistance from Higher Beings to help us navigate this milestone, especially one that is on an accelerated schedule. Each and every person on Earth should be actively participating in this with adequate knowledge, not just those who are awakened. The control systems are diabolical enough. but what compounds everything is when prisoners do not believe they are in prison, and therefore see no need to liberate themselves. 

I don't know why I'm semi-ranting on a SR post....

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