09 July 2018

The 144,000 ~ Marco Lopor ~ 8 July 2018

Thank you to Meg Benedicte for sharing this. So good to read reminders like this every now and then....especially now.

PS....I keep seeing 144, images after the message below.

Source: Marco Lopor

144.000 is the number found in several prophecies related to the Starseeds and Lightworkers that would have been trained to incarnate here in order to end the Kali Yuga (Dark Age) on Gaia after thousands of years.

Actually there are millions of Souls Incarnated on Earth that come from planes of Existence where Fear, Hate and Wars do not and cannot exist.

So let's go deep to understand what the number was referring to.

The Second Coming of the Son of Man is just a DNA activation concept in every Human Being.

The normal Human Being deactivated is working with a double elix DNA and all chakras unplugged.

This is the real reason of aging and diseases.

When Your Higher Self takes control of your human vessel, through a process of emotional cleansing, energy balance, and a switch in polarity from Ego Patterns to Seflessness, the chakras align completely and your energy field becomes powerful activating your DNA from 2 to 12 strands.

This was the original blueprint of the Adam Kadmon, a perfect and healed multidimensional Human Being that can live hundred of years.

Each new strand of DNA brings 12.000 multidimensional new codes able to provide metaphisical gifts like telepathy, telekinesis, healing abilities, changing the molecular structure from Carbon to Silicium (crystalline cells).

From this aspect you find in religious texts sentences like: " lazarus wake up and walk ".
12.000 x 12 = 144.000, this number is related to DNA activation in every Resurrected Human Being.

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