17 July 2018

The Event (Update) ~ Aluna Ash ~ 17 July 2018

More updates from Aluna Ash about The Event, and some notes below. Please be guided by your own Divine Wisdom as to whether this is relevant, or accurate.

  • Every single person is going to experience this
  • A blinding Light
  • Weeks before, sky appearance (colour, texture) will look different ~ pinkish, orange, purple, with dark purple clouds
  • The waves arriving before The Event make it seem as if the Sun doesn't exist
  • Matrix dissolving, realities collapsing
  • This is the last call!
  • This happens very quickly, "in my face".


  1. While we each use our own vernacular (or words) to describe what we are experiencing, I always look for the “common thread” between what I am reading, the vibration of the words as they are spoken and if the information relates to what I am experiencing or know. I would suggest that this information is absolutely accurate...July 1st opened the gateway for our opportunity to look deep within our own personal knowing and take a giant leap of faith into the unknown...our “next” experience in the higher dimensional reality we have come to engage. This also fits within the events of EarthProject777 when it was determined that a “vibrational booster” would arrive on the planet in 2008 and begin projecting a vibration to assist as the human population began clearing issues with “trust, judgment and resistance to coming together in collaboration - Unity.” There has been much assistance both from other realms as well as those “on the ground” who have been working with this information. I feel that the influx you are speaking about is part of a “fold over” which is necessary physics for full integration to take place. The seeds began within each of us...In the Beginning...we have integrated in the necessary numbers to “tip the scales” here on the planet and have been connecting again with our Source. This allows the vibrational field to bend back or fold back upon itself and allow for manifestation. Remember, this is just one more version, using my words, of what might be associated with this “flash” of bright light. I would ask that you sit in the silence of your own knowing to see if this resonantes and what role you might be playing in the unfolding.

    1. Thank you (Brenda?) :) What you wrote makes perfect sense.

      For me, energetically speaking, this is why we've also felt the extreme duality ~ the higher vibrational realm and the other polarity. The "folding over" you described ~ this is how I energetically see it, both polarities "meeting" in the foldover.

      And as it folds and then "settles", the integration of both polarities take place.

      Hope I'm making sense :) Blessings