02 July 2018

The Event...More on The Event 7/1 ~ Aluna Ash ~ 1 July 2018

I know that everyone reading this post will decide for herself/himself if this is relevant and true or otherwise :) 

Remember that there was a rash of messages a few months ago, pointing to March 2018 as the timeframe when The Event was supposed to occur, but didn't. Aluna Ash did clarify in an earlier video that a massive wave of high energy did come in sometime in March, which she experienced. It wasn't The Event, but a preparatory wave. And we've had plenty of those waves in the past few years, each one shoving us to the next level.

In this video, Aluna Ash describe a rolling wave of purplish-red-blue mist that will sweep over the Planet. This will take place days or possible weeks before the actual Solar Flash of The Event. We will feel heat, vibrations, tingling, bliss or anxiety.

The Event will be the transition and integration of all the work we've done in all lifetimes, converging at this time of Ascension. This will be a time of activations for those who are already aware and doing the Soul work. The Event will be something of which everyone is aware, switches will be flipped on, awakening those who have yet become aware. Also a lot of triggers and polarity clashing for those who react from the lower senses.

Please listen to full details here.

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