15 July 2018

The Missing Link ~ Brenda Julian Williams ~ 14 July 2018

Omigoddess....I just mentioned Brenda Williams in the previous post, and this is what I came across after. Synchronicity is fabulous!!

Source: The Triad Wave

“The missing link”, “The Bridge between”, “Closing the Gap”...I woke this morning with these phrases and others that have been used to describe The Triad Wave and its purpose for “Being” during this time of accelerated change on Gaia and within the multi-verse.

All of these statements are accurate, and yet, many “miss” just what is “missing or needs bridging.” As I look at the many ways folks are engaging the “wave” and developing programs or products that embed the “wave,” I see how far we have come in this process of Remembering who we are and why we are here. As arduous and challenging as the journey has been, on this Super New Moon Day, I can tell you with absolute confidence that many “bridges” have been built between what was and what is to BE, many “gaps” have been closed that held back the full merging of the ancient traditions into our human experience as it exists today. We, the human beings who signed up to come here and be conscious participants of this grand event are “the missing link” and we are - one-by-one finding purpose and the courage to stand together to bring it into existence.

During the period of time between this Super New Moon and our Full moon at the end of July, we have an unprecedented opportunity to BE that which we are destined to become...the Wholly Human, the full integration of our Divine Spark.

So, “ride the wave, be the inspiration” and let’s get this done!

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