27 July 2018

The Planetary New Year ~ Celia Fenn ~ 26 July 2018

Source: Celia Fenn

Today is the opening of the Lion's Gate Portal and passage, and the beginning of the Planetary New Year. 

Today we begin a new Spiral of Time, both as individuals and as a collective. Those of us who are multi-dimensional will be beginning the creation of our New Earth Time Spiral. We are "in transit" to the New Earth.

As we approach the Lions Gate, we must needs honor the Portal Keepers, the Great Cosmic Lions of 
Yesterday and Tomorrow. Their role is to ensure that only those who are focussed in the Present moment may access the Quantum "wormhole" that leads to the New Earth Reality.

If you are held in anger and unforgiveness, then the past will hold you back. If you live in fear and anxiety, then the future will prevent you.

It is a simple matter to release the past and the future and focus your intention on the Present moment, and on living in Peace and Harmony.

In this way you will flow through the portal and spiral up into the Light of the New Creation.

Have a Wonderful Day and begin to consider what you will create in this new Diamond Spiral of Time!

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