19 July 2018

The Prayer, Expressing the Divine Principles of The Sophia ~ Brenda Williams ~ 18 July 2018

A beautiful reflection from Brenda Williams.

Source: Brenda Williams 777

I bless the Beginning
I encourage movement
I welcome the gifts that will come to me effortlessly
I create with Divine Inspiration
I live my authentic Self in service to the Whole of Existence
In the Beginning our reality was without anomalies…it was Divine Perfection. For some time, we have prayed for a change in our reality as it has become difficult, chaotic and intolerant of our diversity as a global community. Yet, even with our best efforts, we have not fully realized the full potential of our desire for peace and joy in our lives. I offer the following thoughts for your consideration as we continue to move through the changes that are taking place within our lives and our planet.  
“During Prayer we do not seek to change the way things are unfolding; if the preparation has been correct and careful then all will proceed accordingly. We use Prayer to bless the Beginning, to encourage Movement and to welcome the Gifts which will come to us effortlessly.” (Theolyn Cortens 1997).

These words had a profound effect in my own life. Each time I felt myself feeling that life was not supporting me, I reminded myself that In the Beginning, I was given the opportunity to live my life in joy and peace, I was promised that all my needs would be met and I knew that all things were created to evolve and change. How I move through my evolution and change is determined by my choices. My process of discovery began with the concept that at any moment, I knew what I was experiencing was my choice and had Divine Purpose…within it was a gift that was mine to receive. I looked at my experiences differently and sought to find the gift. Moving from reaction to observation, I noticed that I did, indeed, have a choice about what was unfolding in my life. Sometimes the gift was not easy to recognize and I would move deeper into the silence of my own existence for clarity.  Through this process, I learned there was another way to experience life and I was discovering how it worked.  

When I encourage movement, I no longer determine what that movement might be…nor in which direction it is to go. When I am in the movement of the perfection of the Beginning, I move with knowing, trust and courage to explore the unknown. This does not mean that I drift aimlessly without purpose, instead I remain fluid and flexible as changes occur that allow my highest expression to be revealed. All too often, when we find ourselves unable to move through an experience, we give up and move on to something else. That is the very timing to move deeper into the vibration of the experience and discover what is at the core of our inner conflict.

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