23 July 2018

The Ripple Effect ~ Marco Lopor ~ 22 July 2018

Source: Marco Lopor

Behind every behaviour there is an hidden energetic reason and if you observe how people's actions and words are a reflection of this reason you'll find out The secret of the connection between the Spiritual and the Phisical realms.

On the spectrum that goes from Service to Self to Service to Others you will See recurrent patterns that, on the Phisical level, you can recognize in the dynamics Narcisist - Empath.
So we can say to summarize that Service to Self Expression is in Narcisism, made by selfish attitude and is energy taker.

On the other side of the spectrum Service to Others Expression is in Empathy, made by Selfless attitude and is energy giver.

Of course there is attraction between energy givers and energy takers, like positive and negative charge.

The reason why givers have more energy than takers is because they are more connected to Source, because the frequency of Source is only in Service to Others.

Provocations are a way to steal energy, organized subconsciusly by takers towards givers. When the giver reacts, the energy is stolen. It's a surviving reason.

Generally takers are young souls, givers are old souls, because in the Evolution of Consciousness and of Spirit through matter to be selfish means to be at the lowest level.

Purpose of the service of old souls here is the Evolution of young souls, so incarnation occurs under regular contract and engagement to alter a system of Consciousness.

Few Service to Others Souls can have a big impact on the whole System due to the ripple effect.

This is how it works, one small change can have an enormous impact on the polarity switch from Duality to Oneness.

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