25 July 2018

Time Travel, Transylvania, and Telektonon ~ Stephanie South ~ 25 July 2018

Source: 13:20 Frequency Shift Blue Spectral Hand, Kin 167
Check if you are a projection inside an illusion, or are you a Hologram in the program? If something is changing inside you, you are part of the future. If nothing changes, you are like a clone, a repeating hologram. ~Tamarinda Maassen
Most people think of Dracula when they think of Transylvania, but it is actually a quite beautiful place with a lot of rivers, oak forests and medieval landscape of rolling hills.
A series of powerful synchronicities led me to the caves in the Bucegi mountains in Transylvania recently.  These synchronicities felt I directly connected with the  Telektonon Prophecy of Pacal Votan and the Return of the People of OMA.
Telektonon is a distant, far traveling code of information received from sprits and deities dwelling within the earth.Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan
Last year,  Deb, Kin 113 gave me a book Transylvania Sunrise by Peter Moon last year. In the Transylvania Sunrise series, Peter Moon translates the books of Radu Cinamar who was a Romanian secret agent who tells of an underground discovery made with the help of an advanced radar satellite in 2003 in the Bucegi Mountains in Transylvania by the Pentagon.
Allegedly, in the first book, Transylvania Sunrise, there is an underground holographic library, or a very old chamber with a holographic, bio-resonance image technology that contains holographic records of the Earth’s History.

After receiving the book, one synchronicity after another began to occur which culiminated with an unexpected meeting with Peter Moon in Long Island last year.   Peter is a space-time investigator and author of many books, most notably books on the Montauk Project.

He also has created The Time Travel Education Center: https://timetravel.mykajabi.com/store.

When something keeps showing up in your field, I have found it wise to pay attention. Little did I know that 9 moons later Deb and I  would be traveling to the caves of Transylvania.

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