27 July 2018

Ultra-Violet Angelic Fire Transmission: Dissolving Cords and Lower Energy Interference ~ Steve Nobel ~ 6 June 2018

Omigoddess ~ I just went through this clearing transmission from Steve Nobel, and knew I had to post it separately for those who would like to access it easily.

Heartfelt gratitude, Steve Nobel....this is indescribably powerful.

Please access it here.

Description given:
Listen to this remastered transmission to connect with a group of Ultra-Violet Light Angels that can be called upon to clear, cleanse and uplift your personal energy space as well as dissolve cords to individuals or groups that interfere with your light and in some way block your soul path. This transmission also includes a clearing of the physical space around you, the equipment, mobile phones, computers etc as well as any virtual space such as social media or digital bank accounts that you are energetically connected to.

(Please note in this clearing you are only clearing and dissolving what is interfering or blocking you are not dissolving the love between you and another. Please also note that you can include this clearing with your intimate partner to release anything lower between you. Please be mindful if including any young children as there will be cords between parents and children that need to remain until late adolescence).

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