10 July 2018

Unconditional Love ~ Marco Lopor ~ 9 July 2018

Source: Marco Lopor

Infinite Power and Infinite Wisdom can only be achieved in Unconditional Love, a State of Being that connects us to the Infinite and Intelligent Mind that overrules this multi-dimensional Universe we are co-creating and expanding.

Indeed the Stars we See from our Human perspective are, in Truth, dimensions of Consciousness, that we perceive as far systems, while they are nearest than expected and absolutely reachable inside.

Every dimension is connected to the next one, but only the higher can perceive the lower, not the other way around, unless you are activated.

What does it mean to live in Unconditional Love ?

First of all it means to be always open to every experience and to perceive everything as Soul's growth.

For example, even if you have been betrayed, it means to not close your Heart because of grief, but keep it open in joy and forgiveness.

Then it means to See good and beauty in everyone, in order to go beyond the illusion of separateness of the Phisical realm.

It means also to love your neighbour as yourself, because We are One due to our same origin from Source.

To live in Unconditional Love is the medicine for every disease, the most powerful antivirus against the corruption of the ego-mind, that disconnects from our Higher Self.

In Unity we find our Light, in Power and wisdom we can reach every dimension.

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