03 July 2018

Unraveling & Untangling Your Mind & Entire Matrix Program(s) from Inside in order to Clear Your Cosmic Akash Where all Matrixes are Stored/Housed/Held... ~ Lisa Transcendence Brown ~ 2 July 2018

Source: Awakening to Remembering

As "old" REALities are unraveled, it's important to understand certain things, for this journey of exiting/transitioning over to all new REALities can be done consciously or unconsciously, which dictates HOW all is EXPERIENCED by each.

These increases in PHOTONIC LIGHT/ACTIVITY "work through" all. They "work through" and "weave through" and "seek out" our CONSTRUCTS and FOUNDATIONS FOR OUR REALITIES and completely RE-WORK THEM for/with/within us.

The human ego's auto-response (and primal instinct) is to try harder, to try to hold on, to try to control more, to try to force more, to try to keep it all together, while that inner knowing that all is "slipping" and could "come crashing down/fall apart" in any moment, is a part of many's process of awakening here, because it's how the separated-ego dissolves. In a 3D/4D Matrix Construct, there is a feeling that all is unraveling and that no matter how hard we "try", at some point all is going to give way.... this too is an important part of the awakening process, for in the moment that all gives way, a new way is forged and opened up.... and those ego matrix programs break down even more.

We can't "tell" the human aspect that their entire reality is going to be re-worked, (because they don't want to hear it), that all that they've "worked hard for", was just a part of an illusion and that all they "thought", which is not actually "true". We can't "tell" the human aspect HOW DEEP THIS JOURNEY OF OUR SOUL EMERGING TAKES US, because of the amount of resistance, the amount of fight (struggle) to hold on to their current realities, which the human aspect doesn't want to hear that their whole reality is BUILT on beliefs, emotions and programming held deep within, held together (the glue) by fear, judgment, insistence, stubbornness, refusal to listen to NEW LIGHT INTELLIGENCE that obliterates the old realities as they were. We can't tell them anything.... we have to GO ON AND SHOW THEM... and just let each figure it out themselves, be ready to open up and listen, learn to APPRECIATE and RESPECT in all new ways..... which only usually occurs once one's entire reality has "collapsed" (reconfigured through Quantum Light Codes & Geometrics) and they "glimpse" "new truth" to open their hearts to MULTI-DIMENSIONAL EXISTENCE too.

So, because we've realized, through repeated realities... that occur over linear years of time, because we've shared for years and most were not ready to listen then... we went go on. Because we realize it's not our job to 'save' in the ways others would perceive, that it's our "job" (agreement to fulfill Soul Purposes & Galactic Missions here) to SHARE THE INFORMATION that assists each with CHOOSING how they desire to actually experience their own Multi-Dimensional Earth Experience, so that is what we've done and continue to do.

Human aspects don't realize, that until their reality is TOUCHED (affected) in a way that GETS THEIR ATTENTION (opens their heart fully), they are completely closed off, don't want to listen/know or care.... they don't understand, or care, that their realities have to evolve too and they they have to do this journey, just like we all did... because THEIR SOUL is ready to FULLY AWAKEN FROM WITHIN THEIR BODIES and WALK IN HEAVEN ON EARTH HERE..... now.... They don't actually care enough to observe their own separation/duality and do anything about it, because it "threatens" their current realities of what they "want" to believe (the appearance of safe/don't challenge me or make me actually feel or do anything).... because they live in "real"ities in their heads of "prove to me first" or "let me make sure I'm covered before I open up to listen/share/do"....

Please read on....

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