11 July 2018

Where Do I Stand In The Middle of All This ~ Emery Smith ~ 10 July 2018

Even if you haven't been aware of the David Wilcock-Gaia TV incident, this letter from Emery Smith is something we all should read because he brings up very valid points about the state of consciousness in the awakened population, and shines a bright spotlight on how things are right now. A heartfelt message from Emery.

Source: Emery Smith

Dear everyone,

In light of recent events regarding my colleagues and Gaia TV, I wanted to write a response to the public. I would like to begin by expressing my deep disappointment with the public release of David Wilcock's resignation letter to Gaia. It has caused a great stress on me and I am very upset that this was publicized as my name and so much personal detail was mentioned multiple times. In regard to the statements made about me and my manager, Olivia, and my financial position these past years (especially this last one) has put me into, I will say that there were many factors to consider for this happening and do not blame any one entity. I do not at all appreciate the efforts put into the widespread release of this, making it the focus of everyone’s attention. It is a violation of our privacy, something of which I take very seriously due to my history, respect for privacy and safety.

The amount of drama and unproductive gossip surrounding this event is not something I willingly would never choose to be involved in. This is not how I have ever handled business in my 26 years of being a professional and I am deeply upset with my unwilling involvement and association with this. Now that I’ve expressed my dismay with everyone’s contribution in publicizing this letter and my being dragged in the middle of all this, I want to thank you guys for your support of me and my efforts in trying to help everyone understand the truth. I appreciate you all so much and want to continue to educate you guys on what you all deserve to know. I love you!

My mission here is to help the planet, the animals and then the people, not to entertain, take sides, or declare what is right and what is wrong like I see being done before me due to the release of this letter. We need to be focusing energy on bettering our world and ourselves, not on protesting and causing a disruption based off of belief systems, which is the exact problem our society is having today, and now I see it being reflected in a community that I thought was aware of such issues. I read a comment of someone threatening to go into Gaia’s headquarters and hurt the people working there? Even some saying they’re going to kill all of the people working there and shoot the whole building up? Are you kidding me? This is beyond unacceptable to me and truly most of the reason why I feel I now need to write this response to you all.

I am very disappointed in how much energy is being divulged into these debates, protests, overall negativity and war-like mentality, rather than into something beneficial, compassionate and conscious for us all. I thought that’s what this community was trying to achieve here, but, the behavior surrounding this event is beyond immature and now violent from what I’ve witnessed so far. This is why ETs won’t visit us. Or visit us the way they could anyway. Are you guys really ready for a positive change to humanity in which I thought we were all collectively trying to bring? I’m not so sure, the actions surrounding this letter prove otherwise. Please think about what actually matters and what actually is going to make a difference in the world, because my being dragged into this pettiness of who’s right and wrong is not what I sacrificed all that I have to help the planet for, and it most certainly isn’t what I came forward for. We have to stop fighting each other and judging each other on all platforms.

I want to give a backstory to provide a crystal-clear understanding of my involvement with my colleagues and this network so that everyone is on the same page as to how I became public, how I got involved, and how I’m involved now that this has become such an issue amongst this community. I have known David Wilcock for nearly 10 years. I willingly shared my knowledge with him over those years so he could publish it in his articles and books to help bring out information in a safe way before I decided to become public. Last year, I had nowhere to go and David and I were trying to get some products launched with investors to help the planet, and I ended up staying in a room at his home for nearly 2 months. Due to my involvement with the validation of a certain energy device a few months later, I settled and found a place of my own in California. Afterwards, my life became increasingly threatened. I was very concerned for myself and loved ones at this time. Like I’ve said before, I can talk about ETs and crafts all day long, but if I share information on alternative energy and medicine, it’s a huge problem for gas, coal, oil and big pharma, and they do respond threateningly. So, I drove out to Colorado to get out of California and stay again with David during this time while he was filming Cosmic Disclosure. A show in which at the time, I didn’t know much about, just that it was a show Dave hosted and interviewed Corey Goode on, who, again at the time, I also didn’t know much about.

David proposed that I come on the show where he could interview me and finally share my information with the public. I saw the protective benefits of doing this and realized it was the right time to come forward, and so I did. I didn’t even think much about it, it was kind of the attitude of, “what do I got to lose.” as I really didn’t have much left.

This is how my involvement with Gaia started. I was a last-minute guest that ended up filming more and more. I was nervous of the obvious points, that everyone would think I was crazy, and that my friends and previous colleagues of my professional history would see me talking about my classified experiences and think I was crazy, and that no one would believe me… etc.

The amazing thing is you all recognized that I was telling the truth and you did believe me and you didn’t think I was crazy. You accepted this information and it was the biggest gift because in order for me to help this planet I need everyone to be aware of what has been going on. I felt and still do feel responsible for catching everyone up to speed with what I can safely share. So, I kept filming.

Please read on....


  1. Dear Grace,

    thank you for posting this on your blog. I so much understand Emery's "deep disappointment with the public release of David Wilcock's resignation letter to Gaia". Obviously David was/ is too deeply shaken and was not in a state to first consult with Emery on how to curate his letter for a public version.

    I think it is important to actually read David's letter, and also read a response from someone close to Gaia, for a more holistic perspective. As always, hardly anything is as it seems on the surface - everything has many MANY multi-facets..

    Jimmy Church has confirmed on his twitter account that the letter is real


    so here's two links to David's letter as retrieved from Laura Eisenhower's (not public) facebook post:



    To get a widened perspective from someone close to Gaia, I recommend to read Janet Shapan's comment:


    I see David, Emery and Corey rise out of this strengthened, like 3 powerful, beautiful phoenixes out of the ashes. Sometimes an entire forest has to burn, to fertilize a new even lusher forest.

    With lots of compassion,

    1. Dear Lee,

      Thank you for all the links, much appreciated.

      I'll share the little bits that I know, so that we can add to the growing picture, although much of it is still obscured, mainly by DW's silence.

      Laura Eisenhower actually retracted her comment, and asked the sites that ran with it ~ and blatantly (mis)used her name ~ to delete it, which of course they didn't. She has made it clear to she didn't want her original comment spread, until things are clarified.

      The letter. Well, it's NOT meant to be public! It's DW's letter to GTV, and someone leaked (or "leaked"?) it. It was, supposedly, not meant for public eyes.

      So yes, I can understand how upsetting this all is to Emery, who is such a Beautiful Soul.

      I feel that Emery has made it clear in his letter about so many things. Certainly one of them is that he doesn't want the letter public, and I feel we should honour that. That was certainly one reason I didn't post it here, although I was following and discussing the development (or lack thereof) with a couple of people. Sometimes I think we breach boundaries that are not meant for us to do so, and innocent people can get hurt.

      Janet Shapan's comment sounds like great wisdom in a whirlpool of not-so-wise chatter. Thank you for alerting me to it.

      Once again, this shows we DESPERATELY need to grow the heck up.


      Much Love, many Blessings

    2. "Sometimes an entire forest has to burn, to fertilize a new even lusher forest."

      Look who's spouting wisdom now.... *thumbs up*

  2. Thanks Grace for the background info. I so much agree on all you write. I hope the person that leaked the letter steps forward, apologizes to all concerned and takes his or her part of the responsibility. What a lesson - made to indeed grow the heck up (no other choice).

    Have a peaceful weekend.

    1. We need help, and we need it NOW. Growing up in a wild, violent environment with psychopathic "guardians" isn't natural.