02 July 2018

White Pegasus, White Buffalo & White Buffalo Women ~ Shekina Rose ~ 1 July 2018

Source: Shekina Rose

Are you seeing the white horse Pegasus, the flying horse, the White buffalo, White buffalo Women that have similar meaning and awakening for your path of light and service.

The white horse Pegasus, the flying horse, the White Buffalo, and White buffalo Women are appearing to the starborn, light workers, New forerunners, Blue Ray’s and Gaia keepers of the light to alert you that you are entering a new path, new perception and higher consciousnesses.

Pegasus described in Greek and Roman mythology as everywhere the winged horse struck his hoof to the earth, an inspiring water spring burst forth. The white horse with wings a profound esoteric symbol of the spiritual energy that allows access to the realm of the gods and inter dimensions, a symbol of knowledge, glory, and the new Earth.

The Pegasus is about unifying and with a grounded stability (four feet on the ground) with higher ideals (from enhanced speed and mobility to maneuver within the realms of a greater perceptive of sight) This new perception and higher consciousnesses is the higher attunement awakening of the pineal and pituitary the body temple stargates.

The pituitary gland holds the positive, masculine charge and the pineal holds a negative, feminine charge. When the masculine and feminine energies meet in the brain it is known as the Mystical Marriage. The Mystical Marriage initiates the birth of our multidimensional consciousness and our conscious passage into the fifth dimension and beyond.

The calling of unity of the divine masculine and female and unity of the of all the rays and colors of Creation.

The wings of Pegasus are telling you of your soul's ability to transcend the weight of earthly burdens and rise above such concerns into the air, and to the Heavens. That you are being seen and heard and support is here the wings that will take you to soar now!

The arrival of the white buffalo is like the second coming of Christ,"says Floyd Hand Looks For Buffalo, an Oglala Medicine Man from Pine Ridge, South Dakota. "It will bring about purity of mind, body, and spirit and; unify all nations—black, red, yellow, and white."

He sees the birth of a white calf as an omen because they happen in the most unexpected places and often among the poorest people in the nation. The birth of the sacred white buffalo provides those within the Native American community with a sense of hope and an indication that good times are to come.

You are this second coming when you remember and awaken the DNA blue print that opens new passage ways with Gaia, the realms and kingdoms of the Divine Human through the Cosmic Celestial gateways. Your Star lineage is within the body template crystal blue print a passage way connection to the cosmic Universes.

The blue rays ultra sensitive empath starseeds are very connected to Gaia and Nature. Many of them have chosen lives as trees, fairies, mermaids, dolphins and elfen.

Art by https://www.susanschroder.com/


I saw a whitish horse in the other realms along with the fae, fairy and little people they were reaching out to me. They have come to me in their physical presence and know this is message from them.

~Shekina Rose Angelic Blue Ray Star Seed, Language of Light Harmonic Vocalist 528 Hz LOVE, MIRACLE ancient Solfeggio frequency, Peace Emissary of the Blue Ray, Creator of the Pleiadain stargate Pendant & Devices technologies ~ Divine frequency of Home ~ Ambassador of Sedona Vortex Universal City of lights ~ Sacred SuperNatural Sedona Video series

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