29 July 2018

Yoda in Egypt ~ Aluna Joy Yaxk'in ~ 28 July 2018

Source: Aluna Joy Yaxk'in

I am looking forward to our upcoming visit with my best buddies in Egypt. These guys were my first vision I had in a Seti temple. I thought I was going crazy. I kept saying I see Yoda in Egypt. My group just smiled at me glazed eyed, thinking this girl has really lost it now. 🤪 A few days later we went down into the old kingdom under the temple of Dendara and I found them. I screamed out loud here they are. (Kissed the wall)

I find Egypt to be the easiest sacred site to read as an Oracle. But I am sure this has to do with this area is on the throat chakra of the Earth. The many ancient ones that I’ve come to know over many years .... never stop talking. 😳 I could write a book in each temple if the local guards would just give me the time. 

Needless to say I worry our tours guides as I am continually pushing them for more time. And bless them, they spin their magic and manage to create more time for me. Let’s just say I appreciate our groundcrew in Egypt.

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