09 July 2018

Being Where You Need To Be ~ Marco Lopor ~ 8 July 2018

Reading this made me recall the information we were given about 16 years ago in a Crimson Circle Tobias session ~ if we are already where we need to be, no matter where else we try to relocate, we'll find ourselves back where we are supposed to be. He had likened it to a rubber band that snaps back to its original position after being stretched. This is also very evident in my own life, where I thought I was relocating on two separate occasions to different countries, but found myself back here in a few short years.

Source: Marco Lopor

Everyone is in the perfect location chosen before birth, exactly on the selected point from where is possible to connect to the crystalline grid that surrounds everything.

When you activate your Kundalini and your Pineal Gland starts to rotate like a ball and to send signals, all the micro-crystals you have in your brain connect etherically, due to the higher frequency, to the crystals available everywhere in the underground or under mountains or lakes.

This is the re-activation of the original blueprint of Higher Dimensional frequency band of Gaia.

So you can Imagine Starseed Souls Incarnated, placed strategically in pre-determined locations, that first experience Suffering like everyone here, then start an intensive healing process and activate their stellar lineage through Kundalini, in order to connect to the crystalline grid and send the signal: Christ Consciousness is back.
Just beautiful.

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