04 August 2018

9th Dimensional NEW Earth Ready to Experience: Codes Released for Anchoring, Full Integration and Application by Each - Talk About Leveling UP! Re-Gridding Process Complete! NOW LIVE IT! ~ Lisa Transcendence Brown ~ 3 August 2018

Source: Awakening to Remembering

The "final" Soul/Star Gate Codes released last week for intentional conscious activation, integration and application for our 9th Dimensional NEW Earth Experiences are now "complete". Wahoooooo!

This whole year since the December 2017 Gateway opened up, followed by the 1/1 Gateway too, with new codes POURING in, on a daily basis, for us all to integrate fully and apply to how we live our lives here, have been "focused" on many things.

These are just two:

The 2222 Code: Higher Consciousness HUmanity. These work through every cell, SOULar/Star Particle of who we are here and cleanse, cleanse, cleanse.... constantly... as they work through our every breath. Our lungs, oxygen, blood... a purification process above all previous ones, ever experienced here. These continue to release/activate within us, with every Cosmic Harmonic Alignment that now occurs (daily/with Star/Heart-Gates opening up substantially every few days now). These are beyond POWERFUL.

9th Dimensional NEW Earth Codes: The "completion" codes delivered/activated/received last week. These ACTUAL REALITY CODES have been activating all year, in sequences, which is how Geometric Light Codes work. They come through in pieces/increments, we integrate that aspect, clear distortions, then the next "piece" activates/come through/releases for us to accomplish that within us (and our physical reality too).

or easier understanding, the code will activate at one point (let's say a certain month/gateway period), the cleansing will begin... this can take days, weeks, months, years... for all depends on each one of us, our own separation, density and "how long" it takes us to intentionally and consciously anchor, integrate fully and also apply/incorporate into our own realities, for how we live our actual lives here.... Different "points" of a code can represent the Divine Feminine (which will clear human feminine distortions), then Divine Masculine (which will clear human masculine distortions), Divine Child (which will clear human ego-wounded child then resistant teenager too). Sometimes all 3 can come through (as well as other points I'll address at some point later), then the next set come through to "bump each up" to the next phase, then the next, then the next.... you get my drift. ♥

Today, we've "completed" the phase of all of these codes being "delivered"/made available to each one of us here and anchoring into Gaia'a gridwork/body templates, as well as our own where we, as Guardians, Gatekeepers & Gridkeepers, do this consciously and intentionally) too.

Please read on....

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