11 August 2018

Accelerated Death Cycles for the Human Body (3D/4D) as "Body-Aging Death" Increases: 5D (Light) Bodies are the Opposite ~ Lisa Transcendence Brown ~ 10 August 2018

Karma....not a Universal system, but an artificial control system. Release, revoke.

Source: Awakening to Remembering

I write this to assist with those preparing to transition "out of body", or those "still here", as well as having loved ones transition out. This is a "Cosmic/Quantum HOW" all now accelerates and some "why's".... for this now.

There are infinite truths.... each "believes" according to their own conditioning, programming and truth. This is different. This is not "human truth". This is Universal/Cosmic "truth". This is our MULTI-DIMENSIONAL EARTH Existences..... now.

Flow with me, as there are many pieces and parts of the "puzzle"/bigger picture, many fractals to unite, in order to provide "new" (higher dimensional) understanding for the acceleration processes we have now entered into with the integration of 9D Earth Templates, and progressing now to integrate 12D Earth on the Vibrational TimeTables we all set forth for "this now".

Physical body death occurs where the Light of each's SOUL is unable to fully integrate within the body, for the whole BEing-Body to transition over to 5D intact.

Life and death cycles are different in 3D/4D ... and 5D and what all means/how all occurs is very different too.

The human body has what we call a "Body Clock", which operates differently in each dimension occupied. These increased timelines dissolving, increase the body's "aging" process substantially too. In 3D/4D, the human & body operate at a different oscillation rate than the 5D+ body templates do.

Therefore the aging/regeneration process is very different as well. In "the old days", when the Earth operated at a lower frequency bandwidth, then aging "seemed" normal too. Yet, as the Earth awoke, as it became conscious, our bodies awoke/awaken too. Our "body-clocks" accelerate our aging process when it's time to transition out of 3D/4D fully, either with or without our bodies.

Human body death occurs for the human body that is not able to transition over to 5D. The determining factor? How awake each's SOUL is and able to integrate into the body fully, before the body shuts completely down, from being DEPRIVED of the breath of Life/Light.

The carbon-based body was able to sustain before, partly because it used "other things" to keep the body going, for fuel, for energy, that fed the body's fuel cells differently and temporarily, for that day or those hours or few days. Yet, now the body can't sustain as it did before, because those things "won't work" like they did before.

With the vibration of our Earth raising SO high now, the physical body has to raise it's vibration in order to stay alive and "come along". Those of us who have already transitioned over, have gone through this immense "death cycle" already, many times... with the amount of density/separation determining "how harsh" the journey/ride/experience is/was.

With the increased oscillation rates of our now Vibratory Earth/Atmospheres, physical body density is "more affected" than before. Accelerated Aging Processes increase for 3D/4D bodies. This will apply to organs, cellularly, skin, body systems, bones, eyes, brain, heart... all. The body will "age" and "seem to be dying", without out any "plausible" explanation for what it going on. It's kind of like an energetic "death", because it is.

This process "reverses" once the 5D body template has fully "installed" and the 3D/4D Body templates are completely re-worked. Then one enters "different" aging/death/rebirth cycles that are energetic, instead of as physical, like before.

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