03 August 2018

Creating New Earth ~ Celia Fenn ~ 2 August 2018

Source: Celia Fenn

Down south here the first stirrings of Spring are arriving ..... with our beautiful wild Arum lilies.

If any of you are feeling totally whacked and without energy, like I am, then you may be relieved to know that the cause is related to the energies right now.

Many of us have focussed as much as 90 percent of our energy on the New Earth and making a "home" there. This means that there is not a lot available for the old 3D structures right now, and we feel drained very quickly if we have to deal with this kind of energy.

Lesson learned today!

So now I am focussing on the New Earth and what I want to create, and giving very little time and energy to the old, at least until after the Lions Gate closes after the Solar Eclipse on the 12th.

Rest, water...self nurturing.....New Earth ...here we come!

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