04 August 2018

Do you feel the Movement? Can you hear the Whisper? ~ Brenda Williams ~ 3 August 2018

Source: Brenda Williams 777

There is a signal being sent from the heart of every human being on the planet...it is the Imprint of Unification...the Unity Code.  A gentle whisper that reminds each of us that we are part of something greater than ourselves and it is time to Remember...to wake up to all that we are...together, as one heart.

What began with EarthProject777 on 08/08/08 will reach its full potential on 08/08/2018.  The Unity Wave will complete the three-phase cycle of “the triple Triad” ... “trust, non-judgment and Unity/Community,” along with the continued expression of resonance, love, inclusion and hope for each of us.  

During a recent call to my friend, Bruce M-J, we noticed that we were both feeling the surge of the Lunar Eclipse and a sense that a “new beginning” was on the horizon.  Our conversation revolved around the similarities between the complexities of our human form and its ability to engage on many levels...much like a computer but with the ability to use discernment as we navigate the emotions of our experiences.  

I told him about waking that morning hearing, in my inner thoughts, “motherboard.” 

While I had some knowledge about what that was, I knew our conversation would shed light upon the word and its deeper meaning.  My question:  Is there a comparison between the human form, the “wave” and how our computers work?  Bruce began to explain to me what a “motherboard” is and while my understanding was somewhat accurate, it didn’t go deep enough.  

The CPU (Central Processing Unit) is often referred to as the “brain” of the computer.  It contains everything necessary to power and support the system...similar to our Original Blueprint, our DNA.  The Triad Wave is perpetual motion...continuously moving between the many systems within our human form and the Source of our existence, containing everything we require to move in resonance with the planet, the cosmos and all that exists. The Motherboard allows for communication and connection/expansion of the many components working within the system.  The API SYSTEM also supports the communication and connection of the many body systems as it is constantly assimilating, decoding, processing and routing the vast amount of information received every moment, similar to the function of the “motherboard.”  Our perception of that information then determines our movement and choices.

While The Triad Wave contains all possibilities and potential, it requires personal engagement to use what it is quietly holding for you.

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