01 August 2018

Eclipse Corridor is Asking Us to Choose ~ Jenny Schiltz ~ 30 July 2018

Source: Jenny Schiltz

We are now in the final stretch of the eclipse corridor. We are in the pre-wave for the Lions Gate 8/8 and then the final eclipse will be on 8/11. This is such an amazing time, yet it can be downright uncomfortable.

We are being asked to pay attention to our discomfort. What is the discomfort asking us to acknowledge or change?  It is time that we take a deep look at ourselves and our creations. It is time to look deeply into our shadow self and bring all that to light.
During this time period, all that is hidden within us will be brought to light. We will then have a choice. We can either shove it back down or we can allow our shadow to show itself so that it can be healed or simply walked away from. Our shadow often contains our biggest fears and those fears show us where we have limited ourselves.

My soul has been urging me for weeks to let go of my stuff, the issues I have over my weight, the part of me that is scared to be all that I am, and the need to care for others even to my own detriment. I have done immense work in these areas but they absolutely surfaced again in these energies. It became very clear that this negative-self voice churning underneath was limiting me in so many ways. Whenever I have an opportunity to do something and it scares me, I push through and do it anyway, yet what I hadn’t understood is that the energy of that voice was literally keeping me from opportunities.

I was able to spend the 7/27 Lunar eclipse and blood moon in the woods camping away from cell phones and all other distractions. It allowed me to really tap into what was churning deep within. I strayed from the group, telling them I needed some time and went and found a beautiful aspen that had fallen over and sat there staring at the green canopy above and a huge mountain in the distance. It was there that I let it all out. All the fear, the worry, the pain… the feeling of being less than that I carried from an abusive childhood. As I cried, the deepest grief came out and then I started to shake with the emotion and the release. I kept hearing my soul saying “Lay it down now, carry it no longer.”

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