08 August 2018

Energy Update ~ Aluna Ash ~ 7 August 2018

Here is the link to this Energy Update from Aluna Ash:

Aluna also mentions the sleep and emotional issues I just wrote about yesterday.

Some notes:
  • Aluna sees a series of volcano systems activating like a domino effect, with Hawaii already initiated. She sees Europe as the other part of the activation. Goverments know about this potential
  • Energy-wise, sleep is an issue for many. This period has to do with purging Heart Chakra in order to anchor 4D and 5D consciousness
  • Anxiety, depression, emotions coming up as result of this purging
  • After Summer (in North), 5D Timeline will manifest
  • Time can be experienced simultaneously, timelines merge
  • Lower aspects of ourselves will dissolve as lower timelines collapse ~ this can lead to our own Mandela Effect experiences.

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